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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Admissions Process

We provide tours of the school by appointment and at Open Houses. This gives prospective students the opportunity to see the school, learn about the program and career opportunities for massage therapists, and ask any questions that might arise. To participate in a school visit please call and schedule a tour. Applicants must use a current catalog and application form as procedures and dates are subject to change. Applications are not kept beyond the term for which the student is applying. If the applicant decides to enroll in another term, s/he must reapply. A prospective student interested in applying for one of the programs offered at LSB must complete the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment to tour the school or attend an open house at Lansdale School of Business, review the student catalog, and have a personal interview with an admissions representative.
  2. Submit a completed application form and all attendant documents listed in the general admission requirements.
  3. Submit the $40.00 application fee. Applications may be submitted at any time.
  4. Submits a $100.00 refundable tuition deposit to reserve seat in class.
  5. Once applicants are accepted into the program, they will receive an acceptance letter and an enrollment agreement. The applicant is to complete the enrollment agreement and make an appointment to return it to the school, along with appropriate book fees and tuition fees
  6. Upon receipt of the completed enrollment agreement, tuition, and book fees by the school, the applicant will be notified of enrollment in the class. In the event that the class is filled when the enrollment agreement is received, the school will notify the applicant and return all fees, including the application fee.

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