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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Grading Policy

The grading system used throughout the program will reflect the following equivalents:

A = 100-90
B = 89-80
C = 79-70
F = Below 70 (Fail)
P = Pass
W = Student has withdrawn from course and has notified the Executive Director in writing.
I = Incomplete. Student will have one month to complete all assignments, including tests. After this time, the incomplete grade will revert to Fail (F).

The progress of students is measured by:

  1. Quizzes and examinations for theoretical material.
  2. Demonstration of practical material, student feedback, instructor feedback, plus "hands-on" evaluations of practical material.
  3. Completion of assigned homework and projects are used in addition to classroom time.

Students experiencing difficulties may utilize a variety of options to improve their scholastic standing, including individual and group tutoring, study groups, or counseling with administrative staff.

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