What does a physiotherapist do?
According to First Choice Physio, A physiotherapist does physiotherapy which is something that would address the injury of a patient. They would do several methods one of which would be manual therapy and the rest would be massaging the person on the way to the road of recovery. The treatment could take days or possibly even weeks. It would really depend on what the physiotherapist has in store for the injury or how the person is feeling in pain.

Do physios do massage?
Yes, they do but it is just a part of the overall treatment that they apply to the person so that the patient would not feel that much pain anymore. It is never a good feeling when you are feeling pain in your body and the physiotherapist is here to remedy that. Clearly, manual therapy is done by the physiotherapist in order to relieve the pain that the patient is feeling all throughout his body.

Physio footscray
Physio footscray

What does a physiotherapist get paid?
In the United States, physiotherapists are paid $30.57 per hour. Of course, that figure can grow depending on the number of hours that the physiotherapist would work in a day. There are some companies that employ physiotherapists and pay them a monthly salary. When that happens, their salaries drop a bit but you can imagine them agreeing to that because of all the benefits that come with a monthly salary. Yes, that would include government and health benefits that would definitely benefit you in the future. It is possible you will not be able to feel these benefits right now but you will be able to feel them in the future when something happens in your health that you were not expecting. Clearly, we only have one body so we must take good care of it but there are just some things that we can’t possibly prevent with the tests of time. Yes, the only thing we can’t really stand up to is Father Time.

What conditions do physiotherapists treat?
Physiotherapists treat a variety of sports injuries which is why some sports teams employ these people exclusively when they find out that they are good. They are pretty thankful that there is such thing as physiotherapy as it treats a bunch of pain in your body including physiotherapy. Physiotherapists also treat people who just suffered a stroke. When you suffer from this fatal attack, then a part of your body will be hard to move. Thus, the physiotherapist will help you get back to normal in more ways than one. They also treat chronic diseases like obesity. if you grow to be fat up to the point that you feel disgusted at the way you look then you can get treated because your body will not be able to withstand the weight. Clearly, you must go on a diet soon as nobody would want to get near you when you have a weight like that. It just looks a bit off in front of the mirror.

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